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american-childhood-cancer-org.jpgAmerican Childhood Cancer Organization - Our mission is to provide information and support for children and adolescents with cancer and their families, to provide grassroots leadership through advocacy and awareness, and to support research leading to a cure for all children diagnosed with this life-threatening disease.

american-association-for-homecare.pngAmerican Association for Homecare (AAHOMECARE) - The American Association for Homecare works to preserve and strengthen access to care for the millions of Americans who require medical care in their homes. The Association represents healthcare providers, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations in the homecare community.


The Americanaapd-logo.gif Association of People with Disabilities  (AAPD) - Promoting equal opportunity, economic power, independent living and political participation for people with disabilities.



The ITEM Coalitiitem-coalitition-logo-348x100.pngon is devoted to raising awareness and building support for policies that will enhance access to assistive devices, technologies and related services for people with disabilities and chronic conditions. The Coalition is consumer-led and includes a diverse set of disability organizations, aging organizations, other consumer groups, voluntary health associations, and non-profit provider associations.



The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) is an organization of suppliers and manufacturers of complex rehab technology products and services that are used by individuals with significant disabilities and medical conditions.


independence-fund.jpgThe Independence Fund believes that for the complete physical and emotional healing of our severely injured Veterans to occur it will take the unified effort of governmental, private and corporate entities all working together towards a common purpose that is bigger than ourselves.


National Federation of the Blind Free White Cane Program.  The NFB is giving, free of charge to the user, rigid fiberglass canes.  Please see the online application or download the paper application to view available cane sizes.  Learn more at